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The 9 Types of Shop fittings Available at ADP

At ADP Store Fixtures, we want to give you the best solution for your shop fittings supply need. So we provided you many styles of shop fittings! We can be your one-stop shop providing convenience to your business life.

Our inventory includes these nine different types of shop fittings:

dense unit

#1 Cable & Rod System

Our cable and rod shopfitting systems come in a range of aluminum and chrome-plated variations. Moreover, they can also be configured to mount many different types of merchandise, and you can give the display a floating appearance if you prefer that look.

#2 Clothing & Garment Racks

If your shop sells clothing, we have the shop fittings for you! Our racks are made from superior quality steel making them very sturdy and long-lasting. We even have a folding option, and wheels can be added to make it easy to move your displays around.

#3 Slatwall Shelves

slatwall shelves

When you need flexibility but still want colour and vibrancy, slatwall shelves are your best bet. Made from high-quality MDF paneling system, these shelving units can be customised in endless ways. 

#4 Slotted Display Systems

These extremely versatile systems can be configured to fit nearly any type of merchandise. They also work well for display mixed items as you can customise individual sections as needed.

#5 Glass & Melamine Shelving

Our glass and melamine shelving options come in a wide array of styles to suit the varying needs of our customer’s decor styles. We have versions that can be used with a slatwall system, and others that work well with the slotted wall stripping systems. We can also help you create a custom glass cubing structure.

#6 Wire Grid Wall System

slatgrid gondola

Gridwall or slatmesh is an excellent option when wall space is limited. While they can be mounted on the wall if desired, they are capable of being totally free-standing. Our units are made from heavy-duty wire that is very rigid. They do not require a bulky frame.

#7 Metal Gondolas & Shelving

These large, bulky metal shelves are perfect for displaying groceries or for use in liquor stores. In addition to that, we can custom-made shelves that can fit every industry and not just supermarkets or liquor stores.  

#8 Point-of-Sale Shop

The POS options will help you finish off your marketing efforts and grab those impulse buyers once they reach the checkout counter. No matter what type of impulse items you offer, we have the perfect display solution for you. 

#9 Showcases & Display Units

These modular units can be used to create your checkout counter for your POS displays and cash register. They can also be fully customised to create display cases.

No matter what type of shop fittings you are searching for, ADP has a good quality option at a competitive price! 

Are you ready to upgrade your displays with attractive, affordable retail shelving designed to help you increase revenue? If you are, then contact us today to discuss your project with an ADP Store Fixtures store designer.

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