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The Best Way to Display Your Store’s Products

While visual merchandising does involve setting up retail displays, it has a lot more to it than that. For instance, it also relates to having the best possible store layout and knowing the right place to put every product. In addition, it means having a point of sale system that makes checkout simple for both your customers and your employees. If you’re wondering what you can do to amp up your visual merchandising display skills, we have some great tips for you.

Understanding Your Brand

There are two things that you should have in the forefront of your mind anytime you are working on how to merchandise your shop. The first is your brand image. You want every single person who steps through your door to understand what your brand is and what you offer. The second is influencing the purchasing habits of customers. Anything you can change to encourage customers to spend more money is worth the consideration.

Layouts & Spacing

When you have a great floor layout, you have a much better chance of getting sales. The people who visit your store will see your retail displays and notice it’s easy to get around and find exactly what they want. The same goes for the layout of your aisles. There are three basic layouts to consider:

  • Straight layout – this visual merchandising display is all straight lines with endcaps. Think of your local grocery store and you get an idea of what this looks like.
  • Angular layout – this type of design uses many different types of displays. It can take up more room but it’s more appealing to browse and walk around in.
  • Loop layout – this also uses various displays, but the store is set up in a large loop that customers walk around to see everything.

Other Tips

Here are a few other things that can help you build a space that fits the needs of customers.

  • Keep expensive products in the front of the store to discourage theft.
  • Most customers turn right upon entry so place your best products here.
  • Seasonal merchandise should be at the front of the store.
  • Place consumable items in the back to get customers to look at other things on the way.
  • Add a few high-margin items along the path to items that make up a large volume of your sales.

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