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The Importance of Lighting in Visual Merchandising

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The Importance of Lighting in Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising is extremely important as a tool to encourage customers to look at and buy your products. At ADP, we have over 30 years of experience in shop fittings in Perth, and we understand the importance of effective visual merchandising to increase customer interest and sales. One of the keys to creating an effective window display  or creating a beautiful shop floor, is the use of strategic and attractive illumination. Here are some lighting tips for your shop floor and visual displays!

Set the Mood
It is well known that the way you light a room will set the mood of that room. Soft lighting will create an intimate and inviting space, while bright lighting will create a more modern feel. Use your lighting to create a shop space which reflects your brand image, and also fits into your product story. For example, if you are a shop owner who sells electronic equipment, pair your sleek cabinetry with bright store illumination to highlight your products and cultivate your brand image. It is important that your primary lighting provides enough illumination for customers to be able to look at your products properly, without creating unattractive glare.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark
To complement your primary shop lighting, use accent or secondary lighting to illuminate specific display areas. This will not only attract customers to these particular display areas, the use of accent lighting also creates depth on the shop floor, with some areas more illuminated than others. The use of shadow juxtaposed with light will ensure that the shop floor looks dynamic and interesting.

Show Off
The final step in your shop lighting solution is to highlight specific displays, such as your shop window or any glass cubing displays , using atmospheric lighting. Bright and bold lighting in your displays attracts the eye and serves as a kind of spotlight, drawing customers to the display. This atmospheric lighting also creates shadows, illuminating the display, and casting dramatic shadows in the surrounding space.

As a shop fitter in Perth, we also understand the importance of installing excellent quality shop fittings as part of your overall visual merchandising strategy. For more information about your perfect shop fitting solution, please contact us now!






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