Using our ‘Inspired Retail Concepts’ methodology, ADP Store Fixtures creates modular solutions that achieve unique benefits for retailer.

Our designs incorporate proven merchandising systems at their core, with individually crafted visual elements to facilitate the desired theme or concept of the retailer.




Cost Effective

ADP’s modular designs minimise the need for custom joinery and fabrication whilst achieving a similar level of in-store presentation.


Utilising proven retail systems as the core structure, our modular solutions retain full functionality and flexibility to make merchandising simple and easy for store staff to operate.

Fast Roll-Out

Get your concepts realised faster. Our approach minimises the need for design and R&D of individual components, and achieves reduced complexity of production and assembly.

Simple Installation
= Less Time On-Site

In most cases, we are able to replace on-site joinery tasks with modular solutions delivered ex-factory ready to install. Our solutions are designed for ease of assembly, and minimise permanent impact to the retail tenancy.

Reduce Shipping Costs

Flat-pack methodology reduces freight costs when shipping nationally.

Increased Capacity

Use of proven merchandising systems and hardware ensures maximum space efficiency and load capacity, allowing more merchandise to be displayed in the same store footprint.

Standard Accessories

We design systems that are available with a full range of standard accessories, such as hooks, handgrails and shelving. Don’t allow customisation to compromise the long-term usability of your retail fixturing.

Adapt & Recycle

In a dynamic retail market, investing in costly store fixtures designed for a specific location can be a huge waste of capital. ADP Modular Solutions are designed to be easily removed from an existing store, and adapted to suit a new location.

Invest in a long term solution for your business that contributes positively towards a reduced environmental footprint.

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