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The Silent Salesman: Point of Sale Visual Merchandising Solutions

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The Silent Salesman: Point of Sale Visual Merchandising Solutions

At ADP in Perth, we understand the value of an effective point of sale visual merchandising solution. By arranging an attractive array of point of sale (POS) accessories from ADP, you will grab the attention of your customer and create excitement and interest in a situation where the customer was intending to just pass by. POS signage and accessories will also direct your customers to certain products and help them in the decision-making process. We like to think of POS solutions as the ‘silent salesman/woman!’

To improve your POS display and effectiveness, please see the following tips:

  1. Plastic ticket frames are a way to not only display the prices of your products, but can also be used to highlight different specials and offers to your customers. This is a great way to encourage your customers to browse through your products!
  1. A clear acrylic sign holder with a chrome base channel is another way to display your signage throughout your store. This sign holder has a very simple and elegant design, attracting and keeping your customer’s attention and focus on your visual material.
  1. A chrome frame attached to a chrome stem is perfect for creating a clean and modern feel in your shop when displaying visual material. Think about coupling the chrome with glass display shelves, to create an elegant and opulent atmosphere in your store.
  1. An aluminium info rail will allow you to display a wide range of larger graphic materials both throughout your store, and also potentially as part of your window display. Displaying a beautiful banner or poster showcasing your products will create a sense of drama and excitement in your store, encouraging your customers to come into your space and importantly, buy!

For more advice about how you can improve your ‘silent salesman/woman’, please contact us!

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