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Traffic Flow and Visual Merchandising

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Traffic Flow and Visual Merchandising

Effective visual merchandising can act as a traffic conductor. It can encourage customers to travel through your shop in a pre-determined fashion, to create a product story or simply display as many of your goods as possible in a short period of time. People are extremely visual creatures and they are more attracted to things they can clearly see. So, with this in mind, you can convert more browsers into sales when you present your items in a way conducive to effective traffic flow.

The way to begin thinking about traffic flow in your shop in Perth, is by considering ways that you can control and increase traffic flow from the street to the cash register. When people walk by your shop, what do you think will attract them to come inside? This is where a dynamic and interesting window display becomes essential. This will be the first step in directing traffic flow, because you will be moving more people toward your doors.

Once people are inside the shop, you have to ensure that you are leading them to the right areas. You may have noticed that other shops will place their most expensive or most on-trend items front and centre. This is for a very good reason! They are trying to make an immediate impact on the customer. By using shop fittings in Perth such as glass shelving and other display systems, you can highlight your certain items and encourage your customer to visit these interesting displays.

Finally, as customers get closer to the checkout counter, you should include smaller items they may buy on impulse. For example, if you sell fashion items, you could include scarves, jewellery, hats and other small accessories near the cash register. People will be likely to purchase these items as a finishing touch for their outfits!

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