Visual Merchandising for Your Store

Have you ever walked through a fashion boutique or a large corporate apparel store and wondered how they manage to get the perfect visual merchandising every time? They have a lot of the same apparel and accessories that you have in your store, but they just have an extra boost of style that comes across with the way their shop fittings and displays work together to create the perfect look.

Fortunately, it’s really not that hard to do the same with your store’s visual merchandising. We love how simple this instructional video is and how well it shows how you can create a stunning wall display of both clothing and accessories that will tell a story and make your shoppers want to pick up a whole outfit, not just a single scarf or pair of trousers.

Start With a Rack and Some Samples

First, grab a rack or stand and put a few theme-based samples of clothing on it. You’ll want to choose two to three of each item so that you have a few choices as you put your display together, but you don’t want to overwhelm yourself. So don’t grab everything in the store.

Use a Look Book or Look Guide

Look through one of this season’s look books or guides to the hottest trends and fashions. You can use one of the guides from your store’s brands, or you can go online and check out some of the latest fashions. Either way, use a current guide to put together a couple of outfits using the clothing you’ve selected for your rack.

Choose a Clear Wall

You don’t want a lot of other stuff on the wall with your display, as it can be distracting and will take away from the story you’re trying to tell with this display and its shop fittings. Perth customers appreciate a cohesive look, so don’t overload them.

In addition to ensuring that the wall is clear and clean, you’ll want to place your racks or whatever shop fittings you’re using to hang your display at 191cm. This will ensure that your display is at the proper height to catch your customers’ attention.

Hang Your Outfits

Next, hang your outfits so that shirts and trousers or skirts are paired next to each other. If you have a jacket or sweater with the outfit, hang it over the shirt for a put-together look.

Accessorize Your Display

Next, take another look at your look book or fashion guide to see what accessories go best with these outfits. Grab those accessories and place them attractively on a shelf or rack just below the outfits. Scarves can be coiled on the shelf. Hats should be on a hat rack. The key is to add dimension and variance in height to make the display more visually appealing.

Put the Focus on a Picture

Take a picture or poster of models wearing the outfits you’ve created (or very similar ones) and hang or place it just above the display. Don’t center it, though. Draw the eye up and to the right or left by putting the picture to one side or the other for a more appealing and attractive look.

Add Direct Lighting

Finally, make sure that you have good lighting directed at the display to further draw attention to it and highlight all of its features. The right lighting is just as essential as the right shop fittings for a compelling display.

Congratulations! You’ve just put together a piece of attractive and effective visual merchandising. For more information and help creating this and other types of displays, contact us at ADP Store Fixtures today.

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