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Visual Merchandising Displays: The Colour Wheel

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Visual Merchandising Displays: The Colour Wheel

In our previous blog article, we talked about the effects colours in visual merchandising displays have on customers. Not only do they attract attention, they can also evoke an emotional response in your customers and encourage them to associate your brand with a particular industry. Knowing this is important but how do you actually use colours in visual merchandising? Which colours go with which, which colours look good as contrasting elements in a display?

The Colour Wheel
Everyone knows about the primary colour wheel based on the three primary colours; red, blue and yellow. These colours go well together and can be used together in a visual display. However if you would like to create a display which is a little more sophisticated, consider using a secondary or tertiary colour wheel. Secondary colours are created when you mix the primary colours together, creating a six-colour wheel, while tertiary colours are created when you mix primary and secondary colours, creating a twelve-colour wheel.

secondary colours

secondary colours

tertuary colours

tertiary colours

Using a tertiary colour wheel allows you the freedom to experiment with a variety of colour combinations. However, it’s important to understand ‘colour harmony’ to create a cohesive and eye-catching display!

Colour Harmony
There are a few simple but elegant formulas to remember when using colours in your store displays; schemes based on analogous colours or schemes based on complementary colours. Analogous colours are colours which are next to one another, while complementary colour are colours directly opposite each other in the colour wheel. For example in the tertiary colour wheel above, dark green, light green and yellow are analogous colours and work very well together, while deep purple and mustard are complementary colours which create a beautiful contrast! By using these simple colour formulas as a starting point in your visual merchandising displays, you can create a harmonious, eye-catching and professional looking front window or visual merchandising display.

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