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Visual Merchandising Perth: The Effects of Music on Customers

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Visual Merchandising Perth: The Effects of Music on Customers

In our previous blog articles, we’ve mainly talked about visual merchandising techniques for the eyes, such as shopfittings , colours and window display configuration. While visual displays are incredibly important in visual merchandising, it’s often easy to forget about our other senses! As a shopfitter in Perth, we know how important the use of appropriate music is in-store. The music you play in your shop will not only encourage your customers to behave in certain ways, it also reflects your brand image. For some information about how music affects customers, please continue reading!

The tempo of music in your store will affect the mood of your customers. For example, slow tempo music will encourage your customers to slow down and peruse your products in a more leisurely manner, whereas fast tempo music will excite your customers, encouraging them to look at everything more quickly. Findings suggest that music with a slower tempo is actually associated with higher sales volume than music with a faster tempo! So your customers might be moving more slowly, but they’re actually buying more!

The volume of the music you play will affect the speed at which customers move through your store. For example, it has been found that loud music encourages customers to move through a supermarket at a faster speed, without reducing the volume of sales. However, make sure that the volume of the music you play is appropriate for your shop and your products. If you’re selling exclusive designer clothing brands, your visual merchandising and shop fittings should create a luxurious, elegant atmosphere to enhance the quality and beauty of your products. Your music choices in-store should contribute to this atmosphere; soft, ambient sounds would be more appropriate than loud, upbeat melodies. 

The style of the music you play will not only affect the mood of your customers, it will also affect their perception of your products. For example, playing classical music will encourage customers to perceive your store as up-market and expensive, whereas playing upbeat pop songs from the top 40 charts will make your store seem more accessible and trendy. The style of music you play in-store is so important, that it has even been found that playing music from different regions in the world, will encourage customers to buy a product from that region! For example, playing French music in a wine cellar encourages customers to buy French wines!

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