Visual Merchandising Tips for Shop-Owners in Perth

Displaying merchandise can be difficult. You’re never really going to appeal to everyone with a single display, especially with something as variable as clothing. However, there are a few guidelines and tricks to creating a successful display that will draw in customers and, hopefully, increase your sales. This article is for shop-fitters in Perth looking to increase the effectiveness of their visual merchandising. It offers some information on the basics of how visual merchandising can work and the ways it can be done the most effectively.

Appeal to all senses
A physical display isn’t just to look at. After all, people have five senses, not just one! Use sound and smell to create the mood in your store and consider including objects and effects which will encourage people touch you products. This can be something extremely simple like displaying sample face and hand creams that people can try in a cosmetics shop!

Show, don’t tell
This is one of the first rules of any kind of great display. Make the display itself its own explanation; these clothes are put together in this way because they look good. You don’t need to tell anyone that. Your customers are intelligent, they’ll understand what you’re showing them and reach that conclusion on their own!

Group like with like
In Aristotle’s Poetics, he identifies the three unities of time, place, and action. Although you’re creating a store display and not writing a neoclassical drama, the idea of unity is still very important! Display things that complement each other together.

Rule of three
The number three is very attractive – it represents, in many ways, completion. Seeing a group of three is fulfilling and comfortable, which is why many displays are created with three components. A subset of this is the “pyramid principle”, where one item is displayed on a higher tier with two others lower than it.

Change it up
Don’t let your displays become stagnant. Change things around every once and a while, especially if the season is shifting or if you’re starting to sell some new items!

So when setting up a merchandise display, remember to focus on appealing to multiple senses, letting the display do the talking, grouping similar items, keeping items in sets of three and keeping displays fresh and dynamic.

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