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Why is a Product Story so Important for Visual Merchandising?

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Why is a Product Story so Important for Visual Merchandising?

Visual merchandising is an extremely important form of marketing. Your shop front is the literal face of your business, so everything in it needs to reflect your brand image and concept. The key to excellent marketing is invoking emotion in your customers. By creating a theme or story in the way you visually merchandise your products, you will be selling an experience rather than a product. The story you tell will evoke emotions in your customers, drawing them to your business and your products. Some effective examples of this are:

Winter– During cold weather, people want to feel warm and safe. Encourage this emotion by visually merchandising your store to reflect spending an evening indoors with a good book by the fire. If your business sells furniture for example, set up a room with a comfortable couch covered in a few beautiful throws, some big, colourful cushions, a few coffee mugs on the coffee table (you can fill them will chocolate pieces), a luxuriously soft rug and a few books haphazardly stacked on the coffee table. Your products are an essential part of this snuggly, winter experience!

Valentine’s Day– People love thinking about love! It sounds cliché and a little bit corny but as Valentine’s Day approaches, think about theming your visual merchandising in a way that sells a romantic experience. For example, if you sell kitchen appliances and accessories, set up a small table for two covered with a chequered tablecloth and set with some gorgeous tableware. Add a couple of wine glasses and a wine bottle and voila! You’re in the south of France, vineyards sprawling in the hills below you, a soft breeze kissing your cheek.

Use your creativity and have fun with your visual merchandising. Be bold and innovative! It is very noticeable when a business puts effort into their visual merchandising and creates a welcoming yet professional image for your customers.

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