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Why is Your Target Customer So Important for Visual Merchandising?

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Why is Your Target Customer So Important for Visual Merchandising?

As a Perth shop owner, your main objective is to increase your profit by increasing your sales. To do this, it is important to attract new customers, whilst also maintaining the loyalty of your regular clients! This is where in store visual merchandising becomes key. A dynamic, innovative and interesting shop floor and window will not only attract new customers, it will also keep your regulars coming back to see what has changed and what’s new!

The first thing that you should do when figuring out your visual merchandising strategy in Perth, is to get to know your target customer. Make them your best friend! Find out what they like, what they don’t like and what they don’t care about. Conduct some research into your target customer’s psychographics; their age, values, opinions, interests, attitudes and lifestyles, to help you to understand how to best appeal to this group. Knowing exactly who wants to step through your shop door is crucial when it comes to the way your shop floor looks!

A great way to begin compiling this information is by asking customers to complete a survey through your social media platform, in store or through your website. By understanding why your customer shops and the kind of shopping experience they enjoy, you can begin to visualise what your shop floor should look like to attract new customers and encourage customer loyalty.

Another great visual merchandising mechanism consists of branding your visual identity as an easily recognisable mark for your target customer. Many of your products and services will appeal to the client, mainly for the fact that your store’s name is attached to them. This trend is particularly effective with the elderly demographic in Perth.

As a shop fitter in Perth, we understand the importance of installing excellent quality shop fittings as part of your overall visual merchandising strategy. Once you have conducted your research and you know the visual merchandising approach you would like to take, it’s important to make sure any window displays, display tables and boxes, shelving and other visual displays are supported by functional and beautiful infrastructure. For more information about your shop fitting solution, please contact us now!

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