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Why Should I Get Glass Shelving for My Shop?

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Why Should I Get Glass Shelving for My Shop?

In our previous blog post, we focused on the importance of using high quality, functional and beautiful shelving to better display your products and increase sales in your shop. Recently, walking around in Perth, we have noticed many shop spaces, which could be greatly improved. The visual merchandising and aesthetic quality of a shopfront can be enhanced by updating some of the shop fittings; namely shop shelving. We always advise our clients to consider installing glass shelving to display their products, creating a more elegant and upmarket atmosphere in their shop,

Imagine walking into a shop, where the shelving glitters under beautiful lighting, creating a feeling of opulence and luxury. Now imagine displaying a product on those gorgeous, elegant shelves. Glass shelving allows your product to be viewed from different angles, without the visual barrier of opaque shelving. The transparency of the glass ensures that the focus is entirely on the product. Drawing your customer’s focus to your products will help your customers to immediately find the product they are looking for, and will encourage them to purchase it.

At ADP, we have a wide range of glass shelving and glass cube shop fitting solutions. Glass cubes are ideal for displaying products from manchester and clothing, to motorcycle helmets. Glass cube display cabinets are extremely versatile; they can be used effectively in an upscale fashion boutique or in a pet shop. We will also provide you with a wide selection of glass cubing panels and glass cube connectors, which will allow you to customise your own cubing structure to perfectly suit your needs.  Not only do glass display cabinets and shelving look beautiful and enhance your product, they are also extremely durable and sturdy. For advice about ways to enhance your product displays with effective and elegant shop fitting solutions, please contact us.

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