Creating an Effective Window Display

Creating an Effective Window Display

Attracting the attention of customers as they walk past your business is an extremely effective way to increase your business and create interest in your products. An exciting and beautifully presented window display is an integral part of visual merchandising, and a very important investment.


Focus on a product or theme and carry it throughout your shop. This is important as it creates a kind of narrative rather than just a haphazard collection of products.

 Focal Point

A theme is great because it creates a story and a message. However, make sure you create a focal point which will be positioned where you want prospective customers to look. A good way to do this is to step outside and look through your shop window to figure out where the centre of the display and eye-level will be. You can then arrange the elements of your display to focus in on this point.


Change your window display regularly to attract attention and keep it looking fresh and exciting. No-one like static content or visuals and customers will respond to dynamic and evolving window displays.

 Lights, Camera, Action!

Bright and bold lighting attracts the eye and serves as a kind of spotlight, drawing customers to the display. Lighting also creates shadows, illuminating your focal point and casting dramatic shadows to the surrounding space. Get creative with your lighting, bring it in from different angles and try not to light your display directly from the top as this will create heavy, unattractive shadows.

 Be the Odd One Out

Odd numbers are pleasing to the eye so keep this in mind when you’re grouping products or accessories.

 Height and Depth

Make sure you vary the height and depth of the items on display to carry the eye through the display. Triangles, triangles, triangles!

 Shape and Colour

Bright, bold colours and shapes create a fun, light-hearted and fresh display. People will most likely be focussing on a hundred things at once as they walk past your shop window, so you really need to create something visually dramatic to engage them. Repeat colours and shapes throughout your window display, the repetition of shape and colour will draw the eye towards it. Don’t forget to keep any shapes and colours consistent with your brand image.

Simple and Clean

You should have an exciting and dynamic window display but at the same time, don’t create a messy and unfocused display. Keep your display clutter free and only include elements which are essential to telling your story and expressing your brand image.

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