Longspan vs Outrigger Liquor Shelving – What is the Difference?

When it comes to fitting out your Liquor Store with the ideal shelving solutions, the options can seem endless. But fear not! We’re here to shine a spotlight on two of the most sought-after liquor shelving contenders: Longspan Shelving and Outrigger Shelving. Join us as we explore the distinct advantages of each, helping you make the perfect pick for your store.

Outrigger Liquor Shelving

outrigger style gondola liquor bay

For many good reasons, Outrigger Liquor Shelving is a popular shelving solution for retail and liquor stores due to its versatility, style and functionality.

Outrigger Liquor Shelving is a modular shelving solution that has been developed specifically with Liquor Store owners in mind. As well as being engineered to meet the high load capacity requirements of a liquor store, it incorporates several design elements that serve to make life easier for both the liquor store staff and its customers.  

The first thing people notice about Liquor Outrigger Shelving is its stylish appearance. Designed around the latest European shelving systems, the result is an overall refined appearance that helps to greatly enhance the overall store presentation.

When it comes to strength, Outrigger Liquor Shelving differs from Longspan Shelving in that the shelf is supported at each end by the modular ‘Outrigger’ front upright. This frees up extra height between each shelf, by eliminating the need for a shelf beam running across the front of the shelf.

Without the shelf beam across the front of each shelf, the question may be asked – how do I attach adhesive data strips for pricing labels?

The shelf on Outrigger Liquor Shelving incorporates a unique angled profile, specially designed to enable the retailer to fit clip-on data strips. Clip-on data strip offers a superior solution to adhesive data strips. As it attaches directly to the shelf lip, it achieves a perfect alignment of fit every time. Also, it is far more durable and long-lasting than traditional data strips. As well as being compatible with clip-on data strips, the shelves for Outrigger Liquor Shelving can also be used with the latest Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) solutions.

Outrigger Liquor Shelving is a modular alternative to Longspan Shelving. Many different configurations can be created depending on the layout or individual requirements of each Liquor store.

Specifically, with a unique detachable base leg design, a single-sided (wall) and double-sided bay are created using the same components. Creating a double-sided bay for floor/low-height shelving bays is easy with Liquor Outrigger Shelving. Using a common centre upright, the result is a sturdy and integrated shelving unit that allows the retailer more flexibility.  

On all Liquor Outrigger Shelving, the space between each upright is enclosed with sleek ‘back panels’. These back panels come in the same finish as the shelving framework and provide an added dimension to the overall style of the shelving. On a practical level, these back panels form a division between double-sided shelving bays that eliminates the possibility of bottles falling across the shelves or between the uprights.

Many of our customers have shared a unique advantage of using Liquor Outrigger Shelving on wall bays (with back panels) when compared to Longspan shelving. In addition to enclosing the rear of the shelf, the back panels can act as a covering for unsightly walls behind the shelving, thereby saving on the cost of painting the walls!

From an environmental perspective, the modular design of Liquor Outrigger Shelving has some advantages. At all stages of the supply chain from overseas importing to shipping to store, its packaging volume is much less than traditional Longspan Shelving. This results in less carbon emissions per equivalent store, as well as resulting in overall savings on shipping costs. In addition, with many common and interchangeable components, Liquor Outrigger Shelving lends itself to adaptive reuse in the event of a store closure or change in requirements.

As with other shelving systems, ADP’s Liquor Outrigger Shelving system is available with a complete range of accessories tailored to Liquor Stores. This includes Lockable Glass Doors, Category Signage, Premium Wine Displays, LED Lighting and more.

Longspan Liquor Shelving

While Longspan Liquor Shelving is also an effective solution for retail and liquor stores, there are several design differences to consider when compared to Outrigger Liquor Shelving. 

Heavy-duty yet easy to assemble, Longspan Liquor Shelving consists of a ‘H’ frame at each end, that is connected by heavy-duty shelf beams that run between the two end frames. It is very similar in concept to pallet racking. The ‘H’ frame is available in various heights, commonly around 1500mm height (for floor/low-height shelving bays) or approximately 2400mm for wall shelving bays. A shelf ‘infill’ piece typically inserts between the beams to form the shelf, supported by the shelf beam. Shelf infills are available in either a timber or wire material.

To create a double-sided bay with Longspan Shelving (essential for floor or low-height Liquor Shelving), in most cases, two independent shelving runs are installed back-to-back. In some cases, a double-sided frame is available however this can be bulky and difficult to transport due to the fully-welded construction of Longspan H-Frames.

Longspan Shelving is open on both sides. When used in a double-sided configuration, the lack of a division between each side can create a situation whereby bottles fall onto the shelf directly behind, or even worse, between the shelving bays. Either way, this creates a challenging task for the Liquor Store staff member where they must de-stock the shelf to retrieve the stray bottle. This scenario also occurs on wall bays, where the wall bay is not directly against the wall behind or the wall is not 100% square, common in older buildings where the liquor store is located. Hence, this is one of the reasons that we recommend Outrigger Shelving over Longspan Shelving for Liquor Stores specifically. If Longspan Shelving is preferred, there are some custom modifications that ADP can do for Liquor Store applications. 

As with most shelving systems, the shelves for Longspan Shelving are fully adjustable in height, so you can set the shelves at your preferred height to suit the merchandise being displayed.

Depending on your preferred configuration, a liquor store will often use around 6 shelf levels for a wall bay and 3-4 shelf levels for a floor/low-height shelving bay. However, Longspan is also used as a coolroom shelving solution, in which case often fewer shelf levels are used because of the height of the carton stacks being displayed on each shelf.


Cantilever Shelving

cantilever style 914x570mm gondola bay

Cantilever Shelving is designed so that the shelves are supported from a common central upright, on specially designed ‘shelf brackets’. This option is popular for stores with a smaller footprint, or where there is not the requirement to hold a large amount of stock. Cantilever Shelving does provide a more open appearance through the aisles, offering a slight increase in aisle widths as it does not have the front support post. As with Liquor Outrigger Shelving, ADP S-Mart Cantilever Shelving ensures that the shelves on each side are seperated with a stylish metal backpanel.


Choosing the Right Shelving for Your Liquor Store

Selecting the right shelving for your liquor store is crucial for sales and space efficiency. At ADP Store Fixtures, we understand the importance of making an informed choice and are here to assist you every step of the way.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and find the ideal liquor shelving solution for your business.


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