What Back Panel Options are Available for S-Mart Shelving Systems?

Are you looking for a flexible retail shelving solution? The modular concept of S-Mart Supermarket Shelving and S-Mart Gondola Shelving Systems is designed to support your ever-evolving merchandising needs with increased product browsability, visibility and organisation. The preferred choice for many leading retail chains across Australia, S-Mart Shelving Systems features a durable and sturdy structural frame, back panels and moveable shelves and accessories, giving you control over your merchandising – with flexible configurations and interchangeable accessories and shelves.

For design concepts seeking custom finishes to suit desired aesthetics, finishes or functionality, ADP Store Fixtures offers a huge range of premium components and customisation services for more bespoke shelving requirements. Trusted nationwide by reputable supermarkets, liquor stores, pharmacies, hardware stores, convenience stores, apartment stores, petrol stations, wholesale stores, fashion stores, department stores, discount stores, warehouse stores, commercial stores, specialty retailers and boutique stores, and many more.

But what are the different types of Back Panel options available for S-Mart, and what is the best solution for your store?


Back Panel Options for S-Mart Shelving

Plain Back Panels

Plain Back Panels is a modern, sleek, stylish finish available in matt black or gloss white. Best applied to our Cantilever and Outrigger Supermarket Shelving Solutions and combined with our Wire Shelving solution, the plain back panel is a cost-effective solution for gondola shelving where hang sell is not required.

If a simple and cost-effective finish is what you desire, then S-Mart shelving with a plain back panel option is the ideal solution for your store.

Are you looking to take your Liquor store to the next level? Combine our Outrigger Wall Display with plain back-panel option alongside our Glass Door Assembly and LED Lighting Finish to create the ultimate showcase for all your Premium Spirits and Wines. Suitable for Supermarket aisles to Liquor Showcase Displays, our plain metal back panel provides a clean finish for any retail environment.

Volcano (Perforated) Back Panel 

The Volcano Back Panel is a high-quality, multifunctional perforated design that supports all ADP pegboard hooks, accessories, and shelving. Incorporate this highly customisable backpanel for maximum hang sell area within your shelving. ‘Volcano’ refers to the punched holes in the back panel that allow attaching hooks and other accessories.

S-Mart Volcano Back-panels are made from heavy gauge 1.2mm steel, and the ‘Volcano’ punching process makes the back panel more rigid than a flat or plain back panel – accommodating for increased weight from the hooks attached to the back panel. Some companies offer a flat perforated back panel instead of a Volcano-style back panel. This can appear flimsy and does not allow much weight to be added when attaching the hang-sell product.

Commonly used in convenience stores and supermarket applications, the volcano back panel option is available for all S-Mart shelving systems, including supermarket shelving systems, gondola shelving systems, dense end bays, cantilever shelving bays, outrigger shelving bays and long span shelving units.

Overall, Volcano back panels are a flexible and durable display solution for your store with endless merchandising possibilities.

Available in matt black or gloss white.

S-Mart Slatwall Back Panels

Introducing the versatile S-Mart shelving system with a metal slatwall back panel option. This innovative alternative provides you with a wide range of advantages when compared to other back panel options, offering increased flexibility and compatibility with a variety of accessories. S-Mart Shelving with a slatwall back panel is particularly well-suited for Hardware and Convenience Stores, offering a practical and visually appealing alternative to traditional Slatwall displays. Whether you opt for a Wall Bay solution or a Gondola-style setup, the Slatwall back panels and our S-Mart Shelving options provide a sturdy and rugged store fixture display. It empowers you to showcase products of all shapes and sizes, elevating the overall design appeal of your store.

In addition to their functionality, Slatwall panels are a popular fixture in interior spaces due to their ability to promote and display merchandise effectively. Made from melamine material, these panels feature grooves throughout the board and are available in various colours. Paired with a diverse collection of accessories and shelves, slat panels offer unlimited potential to elevate the merchandise you have on display.

Mesh Back Panels

ADP’s mesh back panels are popular for Supermarket Displays. These panels have a simplistic grid-style finish and are designed to elevate your fixtures to the next level. Ideal for Gondola-style setups, the mesh back panels prove highly effective in Wall Bay fixture solutions and provide a crisp and efficient end bay solution for your aisles.

The mesh back panel offers additional visibility throughout the store, creating an illusion of spaciousness and enhancing the overall shopping experience. Moreover, it gives your staff better visibility and security, ensuring a safe and controlled shopping environment.

Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with ADP’s innovative Supermarket shelving featuring mesh back panels. Enhance the aesthetics of your store while optimising display efficiency. Choose ADP’s mesh back panels to create an impressive and functional supermarket display that will leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Discover the Benefits of ADP Back Panels

Experience Enhanced Strength and Durability with ADP Back Panels: Regardless of the specific ADP back panel option you choose, be it Plain, Volcano, Slatwall, or Mesh, you can expect enhanced strength and durability for your displays. The ADP back panels are designed to withstand the weight of heavier items, ensuring the integrity of your displays remains intact over time.

Enjoy Cost-Effectiveness and Convenience: ADP Back Panels, including Plain, Volcano, Slatwall, and Mesh options, feature a modular design that delivers cost-effectiveness and convenience. Transportation and assembly are streamlined, saving you both time and effort. With an easy installation process, you can set up your displays quickly and efficiently, allowing for a hassle-free experience.

No Permanent Fixings Required: ADP Back Panels, regardless of the specific variant, require no permanent fixings. This exceptional feature makes them well-suited for pop-up shops or temporary retail spaces. You can set up and rearrange your displays without worrying about leaving behind any marks or damage, providing you with the flexibility you need.

Transferable for Future Use: Whether you opt for Plain, Volcano, Slatwall, or Mesh back panels, the ADP system allows for easy transferability. When your lease expires or you need to relocate your store, you can effortlessly move the ADP Back Panels to a new location. This adaptability ensures that your investment in store fixtures is long-lasting and can be adjusted to meet your changing business needs.

Choose ADP Back Panels for your retail displays, regardless of the specific type you select. Experience the enhanced strength, cost-effectiveness, convenience, and transferability that ADP Back Panels provide. Elevate your store displays with confidence, knowing that your fixtures are designed to withstand the test of time while offering flexibility for future adjustments.


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