S-Mart Gondola Shelving System

Retail Shop Shelving

We offer a complete S-Mart retail shelving system for displaying various products. Our gondola shelving bays come with pegboard backs or slatwall panels. Our back panels are also available in different widths, from 665mm, 900mm to 1,000mm.

The S-Mart shop shelving system was designed to ensure your space is fully optimised. Our shelving solutions provide flexibility and multiple possibilities for displaying merchandise in your shop or retail space.

We know how challenging it is to make the most out of limited retail space which is why we offer a retail shelving system that you can configure based on your needs.

Our S-Mart retail shelving is a popular choice among businesses across Australia because it is versatile, cost-efficient, and maximises space. Importantly, you can easily install the shop shelving units without the need for special tools.

Why Use S-Mart Retail Shelving

If you’re looking for a versatile shelving solution, then the S-Mart retail shelving system is the perfect choice. You can add or remove shelves as needed. This will ensure you have adequate space at all times. The system allows you to adjust the depths and heights of the shelves for maximum optimisation of the display.

Gondola units are freestanding and can display many products in an aesthetically pleasing way that will catch the eyes of your customers. Shop shelving comes in different sizes and thickness. That way you can find the right one for your merchandise.

Our S-Mart system also comes with shelving accessories and signage options. No matter what products you sell, there’s an accessory to display it with the S-Mart system. Some of the accessories include a base drawer, luggage shelf, and mirror holder, just to name a few. We also have a top signage canopy to provide a backlit sign solution for the gondolas.

With freestanding units, you can arrange the retail shelving units anywhere in the store. They increase the chances for the items to be seen by customers. They can save you money because they are long-lasting. To find out more about our high quality retail shelving or to discuss any of your display needs, contact us today.

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