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S-Mart Supermarket Shelving Systems

At ADP, we have an extensive array of supermarket shelving systems designed to meet your supermarket shelving needs, ideal as convenience store shelves, grocery shelves, commercial store shelves or retail store shelving. 

Introducing the S-Mart Supermarket Shelving System - Unmatched Versatility and Efficiency

Designed by ADP, the S-Mart Supermarket Shelving is Australia’s newest, most innovative and modular supermarket shelving solution specifically made for supermarket retailing. S-Mart represents a major step forward in merchandising experience and shelf maximisation for supermarket retailers – enhancing both user and customer experience simultaneously. 

The S-Mart Supermarket Shelving System is a revolutionary design that sets it apart from traditional outrigger shelving, retail shelving, and cantilever shelving systems. With a focus on maximising shelf capacity, flexible positioning, speedy modifcation, and ease of customisation, this shelving solution is the ideal choice for supermarkets, convenience stores, grocery outlets, and various retail spaces. 

ADP Store Fixtures’ has a full range of shelving systems available in stock, tailored to the needs of Supermarket retailers. With a great range of options including Outrigger and Cantilever style Supermarket Shelving, Densed End Bays, double-sided (aisle) and single-sided (wall) shelving options and low-height gondola shelving bays, there is sure to be an S-Mart Supermarket System to suit your space.

Unrivaled Supermarket Shelf Capacity

Experience a remarkable 5% more shelf capacity per shelf when you opt for our innovative wire shelf cutout design and mesh back panels. The strategic incorporation of these features optimizes space utilization and enables you to showcase a greater quantity of products without compromising on visibility.

Flexible Shelf Bracket Positioning

With S-Mart Supermarket Shelving, you gain the freedom to tailor the shelving configuration to your specific needs. Our flexible positioning and straight or sloping shelf bracket position enables you to arrange shelves according to your merchandise requirements. Easily adapt the shelving system to accommodate products of varying shapes and sizes, enhancing the overall shopping experience for your customers.

Integrated Shelf Groove for Enhanced Functionality

Our shelving system boasts a cleverly integrated shelf groove, designed with versatility in mind. This feature allows you to effortlessly attach dividers and a range of other accessories, such as data strips, hooks, ticket frames, and shelf dividers. This seamless integration enhances organization and product display, making it simple to maintain a tidy and visually appealing shopping environment.

Modular Design for Customisation

At the heart of the S-Mart Supermarket Shelving System lies its modular design. This game-changing feature provides unparalleled adaptability, making it easy to modify your shelving arrangement within minutes. Whether it’s adjusting shelf heights, changing configurations, or incorporating additional accessories, our modular system empowers you to effortlessly respond to changing product merchandising requirements.

Durability and Overhead Storage Capacity

Recognized for its exceptional durability and strength, the S-Mart Supermarket Shelving System ensures your products are securely displayed and accessible to customers. Moreover, the Outrigger shelving system offers impressive overhead storage capacity, allowing you to keep extra stock conveniently close at hand, thereby streamlining restocking processes and reducing downtime.

Designed in Australia

Designed specifically for Australian supermarkets and retail markets, all S-Mart Shelving components are manufactured using higher than industry standard materials with extra bracing designs – engineered for long-term performance and durability according to our exacting quality and load testing standards. Merging functionality and modern Euopean aesthetics, this supermarket shelving system is built for longevity and everlasting style.

5-Year Guarantee 

S-Mart Gondola Shelving Systems are backed by our market-leading 5-year warranty. With a comprehensive warranty covering both structural components and coatings, you can be assured that your ADP Gondola Shelving System is built to last, providing peace of mind for years to come. ADP Store Fixtures’ products are extensively tested and assessed to ensure that they will meet and exceed our customer’s requirements for the expected lifetime of the product.

Embrace the Future of Supermarket Shelving

Experience the evolution of supermarket shelving with the S-Mart Supermarket Shelving System. Embracing innovation and flexibility, this cutting-edge solution caters to the unique demands of modern retail environments. Elevate your store’s visual appeal, product organisation, and overall efficiency with our top-of-the-line shelving system, custom-designed to suit the diverse needs of your business.

Speak to us about your unique Supermarket Shelving requirements

Types of S-Mart Supermarket Shelving

ADP’s S-Mart Supermarket Shelving Systems are available in three models:

Cantilever Shelving Bays

Cantilever Shelving Bays

ADP’s Cantilever Shelving Bays are a versatile and space-efficient solution for supermarkets and retail stores. These shelving systems are available in two configurations: Single-Sided Bays and Double-Sided Bays, offering flexibility to suit various store layouts.

Choose between two backpanel types: Mesh Backpanels or Volcano Perforated Backpanels. The Mesh Backpanels provide excellent visibility and airflow, allowing products to be displayed attractively, while the Volcano Perforated Backpanels offer a visually appealing design that complements store aesthetics.

Key features of Cantilever Shelving Bays:

– Available in Single-Sided and Double-Sided configurations.

– Choose between Mesh Backpanels and Volcano Perforated Backpanels.

– Versatile and space-saving design, ideal for showcasing a wide range of products.

Outrigger Shelving Bays

Outrigger Shelving Bays

The Outrigger Shelving Bays are a popular choice among retailers for their unique space-saving design and enhanced shelf capacity. With ADP’s innovative wire shelf cutout design and mesh back panels, these shelving bays provide approximately 5% more shelf capacity per shelf compared to conventional shelving systems.

Available in both Single-Sided Bays and Double-Sided Bays, the Outrigger Shelving Bays feature a Heavy-Duty beam running across the length of the shelving bay, providing sturdy support for the full-width top shelf. This top shelf is particularly useful for bulk storage of excess stock, especially when storeroom space is limited.

Key features of Outrigger Shelving Bays:

– Space-saving design with 5% more shelf capacity per shelf.

– Available in Single-Sided and Double-Sided configurations.

– Sturdy Heavy-Duty beam supporting the full-width top shelf.

Dense End Bays

Dense End Bays

ADP’s Dense End Bays are designed to maximize selling space and optimize product display. These supermarket shelving systems come equipped with side wing shelf trays, densed end top, and base hood, along with durable wire shelving.

The side wing shelf trays provide additional display area for products, enhancing the overall presentation and visibility of merchandise. The densed end top and base hood offer a clean and polished appearance, making the shelves look organised and inviting to customers.

Key features of Dense End Bays:

– Maximize selling space with side wing shelf trays.

– Densed end top and base hood for a neat and professional look.

– Customisable options available, allowing retailers to tailor the shelving system to their specific needs.

– Optional signage and lightbox features further enhance product promotion and visibility.

Key Benefits of the S-Mart Supermarket Shelving System

  • 100% Modular Design
  • Outrigger or Cantilever Style Shelving Options
  • 5% More Shelf Capacity Per Shelf when using our wire shelf cutout design and mesh back panels 
  • 1500 or 2200mm Upright Heights
  • Mesh or Volcano Punched Back Panels
  • High Base Leg of 260mm
  • Flexible Positioning/Angling for Shelf Brackets
  • Flexible Integrated Shelf Groove for Attaching Dividers and Other Accessories
  • 5-year warranty.

ADP Store Fixtures - Australia’s Leading Supermarket Shelving Specialist

ADP Store Fixtures is a leading Australian innovator in retail shelving and fixtures. For more than 15 years our S-Mart Shelving range has become the shelving solution of choice for many retail chains. It is particularly popular with supermarkets, liquor stores, and convenience stores.

If you are looking for a customisable supermarket shelving solution that is made to last, we can help.

We pride ourselves on quality and superior customer service. For your supermarket shelving needs, contact our expert team today.

Check out our supermarket shelving project at Lyons, ACT for supermarket shelving inspiration.

Why Choose S-Mart Gondola Shelving Systems?

Engineered in Australia for Australian Retailers

Our S-Mart Gondola Shelving Units are designed specifically for the Australian market, ensuring they meet the unique needs and standards of local businesses.

In Stock, Ready To Install Solutions

Our range of S-Mart shelving systems is available in-stock. Get your store set-up and ready for trade quickly and with minimal effort using the S-Mart Gondola Shelving system.

Enhance Your In-Store Profitability

Our mission is to maximise your in-store profitability by providing exceptional retail fixtures that enhance brand perception and improve the customer experience.

Design Support & Collaboration

ADP Store Fixtures is dedicated to providing design support and collaboration, ensuring that your shelving systems are optimised for your space and product display needs. Speak to us about our 3D Visualation service to see how S-Mart Gondola Shelving will look in your store before you place your order.

Fast Project Supply with Short Lead Times

We understand the importance of timely project completion. That's why we are committed to fast project supply, with short lead times to keep your store running smoothly.

Fast Shipping Australia Wide

We offer fast shipping services across Australia, ensuring that your shelving systems reach you promptly and efficiently.

Stylish European Design

Our S-Mart Gondola Shelving Systems are designed based on the latest European design trends. Our shelving systems are designed to look amazing in your store, and enhance the overall aesthetic of your store.

Adaptable to Fit Your Specifications

No matter your specific specifications or requirements, our gondola rack systems are highly adaptable and can be customised to fit seamlessly into your store layout.

Optimise Your Shelves with Accessories

S-Mart Shelving has been thoughtfully designed to easily accommodate a selection of shelf accessories. The shelf lip accommodates our Clip-on data strip, for a much more durable solution to price ticketing compared to traditional adhesive data strip. Also, shelf dividers can easily be added thanks to the integrated front and back channels located within the S-Mart shelf.

Reduced Costs at the Fit-Out Stage

By choosing our S-Mart systems, you can benefit from reduced costs during the fit-out stageby choosing a stylish modular solution, optimising your budget while still achieving a high-quality store setup.

Optional Bespoke Customisation

We offer the option of customisation, allowing you to tailor the shelving systems to your specific requirements, branding, and design specifications.

Modifiable, Flexible, and Modular

Our shelving systems are designed to be modifiable, flexible, and modular, allowing you to easily adjust and reconfigure them as your product display needs change over time.

Reconfigurable and Relocatable

With our S-Mart Gondola Sheving systems, you have the flexibility to reconfigure and relocate the shelving units as needed, accommodating changes in your store layout or expansion plans. S-Mart Gondola Moving System is specifically designed for safe in-house movement of assembled gondola units, comprised of Fixture Lever Jacks and Gondola Moving Skates.

Robust Construction and Stability

Our shelving systems are made to our specifications. We incorporate higher than industry standard material thicknesses, and incorporate additional shelf bracing. We prioritise the durability and stability of our shelving systems, ensuring they are robus and reliable, capable of supporting your merchandise safely and securely.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Select your preferred type of Supermarket Shelving System:
  2. Determine if you need single and double-sided bays, end bays, and gondola shelving the required shelving bay height and width depending on your space requirements and how many bays will fit your space.
  3. Choose a display back panel you require depending if yo(most S-Mart supermarket shelving is supplied with a Mesh Panel, some models have the option to select Matt Black Volcano Perforated Back Panels for pegboard hooks, hook accessories, and shelving).
  4.  Customise your modular display gondolas with ADP’s range of shelving, data strips, and hooks to ticket frames, shelf dividers and interchangeable accessories. 

Yes. As long as you select the right sized shelving system to suit the floor plan, heights and widths of your store, S-Mart Supermarket Shelving works fantastically for Convenience Store Shelving.

Of course. However, we do not recommend using the S-Mart Supermarket Shelving for perishable items like fruits and vegetable. S-Mart Supermarket Shelving should only be for packaged products and dry items.

Yes! S-Mart Supermarket Shelving works seamlessly as a commercial store shelving system whether you are dealing as a wholesale or retail outlet, these shelves are ideal for operations that need the flexibility to alter the shelving height to suit stock dimensions. 

Maximise Your Store’s Potential with ADP

Are you looking to take your supermarket, convenience store, grocery, commercial or retail store to the next level? Our team can help you maximise your store’s potential with a customised display. We will work with you to create a solution that showcases your products and draws the customer in.

Get started today with ADP’s unrivaled customer service, design support and and see the difference modular supermarket shelving can make.

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