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5 Genius Ways to Optimise Your Retail Store’s Floorspace

The biggest benefit that you could give your retail store is to have an appropriate floor plan and layout that is most conducive to your intended shopper. People have different needs and expectations depending on the type of store that they are in, of course, so that may come into account when you are planning your new design. If you truly want to make the most of your retail store’s space, consider these five genius hacks for taking your shop floor to the next level.

Change Your Displays

Rather than just rearranging, again, and again, consider investing in your shop with some new displays. There are so many different shop fixtures out there these days and there may be some that you have never seen before. Take the time to look at what’s available and make an investment in your future success by giving people new displays to look at and give your space an upgrade.

Consider the Customer Journey and Mindset

The biggest part of your floor plan needs to be what the customer wants. Ask things like:

  • Are they in a hurry?
  • What items do they need most?
  • Do people like self-serve displays?
  • How will they traverse the store?

If you put yourself in the customer’s shoes, it will be easier to optimize the space.

Slat Walls and Other Off-the-Floor Displays

Free up floor space to give customers more room by using slat walls and display hooks. If you can get your fixtures off the floor, you’ll have more room for people. Take the time to explore different shop fittings, put your layout on paper, and maximize your available real estate by using displays that don’t take up valuable square footage.

Ask Customers What They Want

There is no better way to think like one of your customers than to ask them directly what they want and expect from your business. It’s going to be up to you to consider their input and how much weight you put on it, but it’s definitely information that you can stand to benefit from when rearranging your shop.

Consider Floor Plans Specific to Your Niche

There is already a lot of retail store out there with great floor plans. Take advantage of their experience and success and use it in your own shop. You will find that the layout for a grocery store will be different than the preferred layout for a clothing shop, for example. Make sure that you’re looking at what’s best for your type of shop to get the best results.

Are you ready to upgrade your displays with attractive, affordable retail shelving designed to help you increase revenue? If you are, then contact us today to discuss your project with an ADP Store Fixtures store designer.

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