A Comprehensive Guide to Purchasing Gondola Shelving

Opening a new store and in need of an effective Gondola Shelving solution to showcase your merchandise? Gondola Shelving stands out as the go-to display option for a wide range of retail store types, including Supermarkets, Convenience Stores, Liquor Stores, Pharmacies, and Hardware Stores. It’s practicality and heavy-duty design make it an ideal choice for those seeking optimal display solutions. However, with numerous factors to consider, you might find yourself wondering, “Where do I begin?” Thankfully, you can rely on the expertise of some of Australia’s leading Gondola Shelving suppliers to navigate you through this process seamlessly. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve compiled a list of seven crucial considerations when selecting a Gondola Shelving solution for your store.

Store Type:

Understanding the specific type of store you’ll be operating is a critical consideration. At ADP Store Fixtures, our team leverages this knowledge to provide recommendations based on popular solutions among our clients who have opened similar stores.

Here are a few examples:

Convenience Stores: We understand that convenience stores prioritise space efficiency and often require Gondola Shelving with narrower shelf depths to optimise their display capacity. 

Supermarkets: Wire shelves are commonly preferred in supermarkets due to their durability and suitability for accommodating larger stock quantities and high product turnover. Additionally, some supermarkets opt for the Outrigger Shelving option, allowing for easy access to bulk stock stored above the shelving bays.

Pharmacies: Given that pharmacy products typically have smaller footprints, a smaller shelf depth is often suitable. Pharmacy bays may also choose narrower bay widths, such as 600mm, allowing them to adapt their Gondola Shelving solution effectively to align with their current merchandising plans.

By understanding your store type and its unique requirements, we can offer tailored solutions that optimise the functionality and effectiveness of your Gondola Shelving.

Shelving Layout:


Shelving layout


To optimise your store’s floor plan and achieve your sales objectives, how will you strategically arrange your Gondola Shelving?

Does the layout facilitate smooth traffic flow throughout the store?

Determine the number of double-sided shelving bays versus wall (single-sided) shelving bays required.

Consider incorporating Gondola Shelving End Caps or Dense End bays to maximise promotional opportunities within your store.

Decide whether you prefer narrow aisles for maximum stock capacity or wider aisles to create a more open ambience. 

The layout of your Gondola Shelving is a crucial consideration that significantly impacts the sales results of your new store. To assist you in visualising your proposed layout, ADP Store Fixtures offers a 3D visualisation service. This service enables you to see how the fixtures will appear in your store, providing valuable insights for an effective and visually appealing arrangement.

Optimising your Gondola Shelving layout is essential for maximising sales outcomes. Considerations such as traffic flow, bay types, end caps, aisle width, and visual aesthetics play a vital role in creating an inviting and functional store environment.

If you require assistance in visualising your layout, our 3D visualisation service is available to help you make informed decisions and achieve optimal results.

Bay Length:

Once you’ve determined your preferred layout, it’s time to select the appropriate bay length for your Gondola Shelving. Consider the following factors when making your decision:

  1. Company or Brand Merchandising Plans: Take into account your company or brand’s merchandising plans. What bay lengths do these plans require or allow for?
  2. Matching Existing Shelving: If your company has previously purchased gondola shelving, you may need to match the existing bay lengths. Identify the bay lengths currently in use and ensure consistency if necessary.
  3. Store Type Considerations: Determine the bay length that works best for your specific store type. For example, many supermarkets prefer 914mm bays, while some pharmacies opt for smaller bay sizes like 600mm to effectively categorise their smaller products on display.
  4. Space Utilisation: If none of the above factors applies to your store, choose a combination of bay sizes that optimises the available space efficiently.

Interesting Fact: Australia is one of the few countries where 914mm gondola shelving bays are available. This is because historical manufacturing practices in Australia used the old imperial measurement of 3 feet to measure shelving bays.

At ADP Store Fixtures, we offer a comprehensive range of bay sizes in stock, including 600mm, 665mm, 914mm, 1000mm, and 1200mm. This ensures that we can provide you with a Gondola Shelving solution perfectly suited to your specific needs.

Shelf Depth:

Pharmaceutical shelf display

When selecting the appropriate shelf depth for your S-Mart Gondola Shelving, there are important factors to consider. S-Mart Gondola Shelving offers depths ranging from 300mm to 770mm in some cases. To make an informed decision about shelf depth, take the following into account:

  1. Types of Products: Consider the size of the products you’ll be displaying. For instance, a liquor store would require larger shelves to accommodate bottles, while a pharmacy may focus on smaller product packages. Aligning the shelf depth with the products you intend to showcase ensures optimal display capabilities. 
  2. Stockholding Optimisation: Determine the quantity of each item you aim to hold in stock. It’s crucial to optimise the shelf size to match your stockholding. If the shelf is too large, it may appear empty and potentially impact store sales negatively. Finding the right balance ensures a visually appealing and well-stocked display. 
  3. Space Optimisation: Evaluate the impact of different shelf depths within your store area. By reducing the shelf depth, you might create room for an additional run of shelving in the same space.ADP Store Fixtures offers a 3D Visualisation service that can assist in optimising your Gondola Shelving to suit your specific store layout, enhancing space utilisation. By carefully considering the products, stockholding, and space optimisation, you can determine the ideal shelf depth for your S-Mart Gondola Shelving. This ensures an effective and visually appealing display that maximises the potential of your store.


Shelf Type: 

Shelf types, wire shelf and metal shelf

When considering shelf type for your Gondola Shelving, you have two common options:

Wire or Metal.

Each has its pros and cons.

Wire shelving is a hygienic display solution that prevents dirt from accumulating underneath the products. However, it is often more expensive compared to metal shelving. Wire shelving is commonly used in Liquor Stores and Supermarkets. S-Mart Wire Shelves incorporate tight wire spacings of just 10mm, ensuring proper product support. It’s important to note that wire shelving may not be suitable for displaying very small products and packages.

Metal shelving, on the other hand, offers a cost-effective display solution. It is the preferred choice for showcasing a wide variety of product sizes and small packaged items. Metal shelving finds common usage in Pharmacy, Hardware, and Automotive applications, and is sometimes selected by Supermarkets as well.

Consider the specific requirements of your store when deciding between wire and metal shelving for your Gondola Shelving. Both options have their advantages, and choosing the right type will enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your display.


Gondola Shelving offers various height options, including standard measurements such as 1210mm, 1510mm, 1810mm, 2110mm, and 2410mm. Additionally, custom height options (in 100mm increments) are available to cater to your specific requirements.

Popular shelving heights for retail stores typically revolve around 1500mm for floor or aisle bays, while wall bays commonly range between 2100mm and 2400mm. These height choices ensure optimal visibility throughout your store, providing a pleasant shopping experience for customers while optimizing security for retail staff.

For maximum merchandising capacity, many supermarkets opt for full-height aisle bays, which may include the sought-after Supermarket Outrigger shelving solution.

By carefully selecting the appropriate height for your Gondola Shelving, you can create an environment that balances visibility, aesthetics, and practicality to meet the specific needs of your store.


The ADP S-Mart Gondola Shelving comes in two standard colour options: Matt Black or Gloss White. These colours have been carefully selected to cater to the needs of most retailers.

The Matt Black finish offers a popular and modern look that can give your store a sleek and industrial vibe. It is commonly chosen by Liquor Stores and Supermarkets.

On the other hand, the Gloss White finish provides a high-end appearance, often preferred by Pharmacies and other cosmetic-type applications.

If neither of these standard colours suits your requirements, we offer a custom powder coating option. This allows you to select a colour of your choice for your Gondola Shelving, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your store’s branding and overall aesthetic.

By considering the colour options available and selecting the one that best represents your store’s style and brand identity, you can create a visually appealing and cohesive shopping environment.

Back Panel Options:

Let’s now explore the various options available for the back panel of your Gondola Shelving.

There are four different choices to consider:

  • Plain Metal Backpanel
  • Volcano (Pegboard) Backpanel
  • Slatwall Backpanel
  • Mesh Backpanel


To learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of each back panel option, we have provided a link below to a separate article that delves into each option in detail. 

After considering the factors mentioned above, you are now equipped to order the Gondola Shelving solution that suits your needs. Before wrapping up, let’s address two common questions we receive from customers who are in the process of ordering Gondola Shelving for their stores.

Retail Store Shelving with Gondola Bays


What is the difference between a Starter Bay and an Add-On Bay?

Black Gondola Shelving Starter Bay and Add on Bay

Starter Bays and Add-On Bays:

When placing an order for Gondola Shelving, it’s crucial to understand the distinction between a Starter Bay and an Add-On Bay.

A Starter Bay refers to the initial bay of each shelving section. It must be stand-alone, featuring an upright and base foot at both ends to ensure freestanding stability. Once the Starter Bay is set up, additional bays in that section will connect to the end upright of the Starter Bay. Consequently, Add-On bays include only one upright and base foot since the other end connects to the Starter Bay.

For example, let’s say you’ve determined that your store requires five separate runs, each consisting of five double-sided bays measuring 914mm in length. To place your order correctly, you will select five Starter Bays and an additional 20 Add-On Bays.


Shelf Quantity in a Shelving Bay:

 Black Gondola Shelving

S-Mart Gondola Shelving Bays are supplied with a base shelf as a standard inclusion. You have the flexibility to choose as many upper shelves as needed to suit your requirements.

Upper shelves come with a pair of shelf brackets. These shelf brackets often enable the shelf to be used in both flat (horizontal) or sloping positions using the same shelf bracket. 

In a single-sided shelving bay, one base shelf is included. In a double-sided shelving bay, two base shelves are provided. You can select upper shelves of different sizes (shelf depth) from the base shelf, as long as they are smaller in dimensions.

Understanding the distinction between Starter Bays and Add-On Bays, as well as the included shelf quantities, allows you to accurately configure your order of S-Mart Gondola Shelving based on your specific needs.

Need help visualising your retail store layout?

By collaborating with ADP during the design stage, you can work with one company to develop unique, cost-effective retail concepts for your store fit-out

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